Why horizon7?

An answer to your problems

horizon7 consultants have proven senior management and leadership experience. Over many years, they have successfully provided a valuable and effective resource to their clients, across the world. Whether assignments have been short term or long term, development or management, or simply assessment based, horizon7 has delivered. Our consultants have come together from many of the world's leading telecommunications businesses to provide a comprehensive and effective team.


horizon7 is able to react to requests for support quickly by being contactable almost anywhere in the world and at any time. horizon7 strives to establish and position teams quickly, ensuring client support is available when requested and that immediate demands are met allowing our clients to achieve results when they need them most.

With peace of mind

The companies that have engaged horizon7 consultants include some of the world's leading operators, technology and financial institutions. They have required premium support and specific results - which have been delivered by horizon7. These blue chip corporations and institutions have directly benefited from our support by directly employing our consultants for specific assignments or through consortiums, helping to achieve their global business goals.