Fixed Network Operations

horizon7 consultants have been responsible for the design, build and operation of $Multi-Billion Fixed Networks. These systems have delivered interactive cable TV, broadband data and telecommunications services to both residential and business communities. Fixed Network locations throughout Europe, Africa and the former CIS countries have been attended by our consultants on behalf of horizon7 clients.

In brief, projects have included the management and return to profitability of failing businesses; developing business plans for additional funding activity; operational and technical due diligence; the set up of operating networks; the management of networks on an on-going basis. Other specific projects have included the design, build and operation of Greenfield networks. horizon7 consultants have also provided technological reviews and analysis supporting network management, billing operations and subscriber management.

The Fixed Network technologies reviewed, deployed or operated in businesses supported by members of the horizon7 team include: Broadband cable, Narrowband cable, DSL, Fibre, Twisted copper pairs, Circuit Switch, VoIP, Leased Line, Submarine transmission, WDM, DWDM.

Project specifics

Fixed networks case study - Cable & Wireless, UK (formally NYNEX)

horizon7 operatives were carefully positioned within the management structure of the operator's organisation.   Each senior horizon7 member supported critical implementation activities and was held directly accountable for each task and its successful completion.

fixed network case study image

By supporting the senior levels of the organisation, horizon7 operatives aided a rapid deployment and a practical approach to objective completion, the development of an advanced telecommunications network deployment within Manchester City Centre.

Specific involvement within the Business Markets Division allowed access to the UK's 2nd largest Financial Centre and Commercial District, a key component to the success of the business. The rapid deployment of advanced services and infrastructure added much needed kudos to the organisation and raised the division's profitability to above business expectations.

Early resourcing of key positions by the operator helped ensure activities are commenced as soon as practically possible and thus benefiting the strategic objectives for early service delivery for consumers.