Fixed Wireless Network Operations

horizon7 consultants have launched and managed Fixed Wireless access systems in the following countries; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Romania, France, Greece and the Baltic States of Latvia and Lithuania. In many of these operations the team have acquired operating licenses, raised funding, built networks and launched services. They have also continued to support the management of the businesses on an on going basis, ensuring continued development and growth for both the client and the business is achieved.

The Fixed Wireless network technologies reviewed, deployed or operated in businesses supported by members of the horizon7 team include: MMDS, LMDS, BWA, NWA, Microwave Radio, Optical Laser.

Project Specifics

It is possible to highlight, in more detail, some of the specific tasks and responsibilities engaged by horizon7 consultants and operatives for Fixed Wireless network operations.

Members of horizon7 have actively participated in the following Fixed Wireless businesses:

Caspian American Telecom - Azerbaijan FWA - 2.4GHz
  • Business start-up
  • Network implementation
  • Became largest Wireless operator
  • Exceeded EBITDA targets in 18 months
Q-Tel - Greece(Quest Wireless) FWA - 3.5 GHz & GSM 1800MHz
  • Business technology feasibility
  • Network implementation strategy
  • CAPEX targets achieved
  • Overlaid GSM network strategy
Broadnet - France BWA - 26 GHZ
  • Network plan & implementation
  • Services rollout
  • Met network launch date
  • Advanced data services delivered
Kosmos TV - Russia FWA MMDS - 2.1 GHz
  • License acquisition
  • Fundraising
  • Launch analogue service
  • Digital conversion
  • Largest MMDS operator in Eastern Europe
  • First digital MMDS service in CIS